In 2016, the ADZIBAN brand was conceptualized and developed by Dr. Kenneth Ekow Andam with a vision to build a fast food and culturally driven beverage brand that will be introduced to global consumers to share Africa’s best cuisines in a versatile representation of culture and beauty. He was determined to change the narrative about his country Ghana and expand his vision across the world with a focus on bringing the 54 countries within the continent to the world through the vast tasty meals and beverages that are enjoyed by the continent’s citizens. Armed with the capacity to invest into his dream chain of fast-food restaurants and the support of his visionary partners, Dr. Andam created the first of many fast-food centers under the Adziban brand.

The meals that Adziban offers to consumers are designed to helped build strong and agile men and women through healthy eating, and in the process bring the continent of Africa’s secrets of healthy living to consumers looking for an alternative experience in their everyday eating lifestyle.

Adziban is a brand that has been developed with an authentic vision to share Africa and our delicacies with the world through our cuisines. With this vision, Dr. Andam is determined to bring Adziban and its African cuisine into established shopping centers and malls or community convenience stores around the world. Adziban is under the franchise company Sleek Media LTD which is the administrator over all food and beverage brands managed by the Andam family. Adziban patronizes farm produce grown within the African continent on its nutritional soils.